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CLIO PARTNERS WITH CLOUD ACT : Selecting the Best Billing Arrangements for Your Firm

Selecting the best billing arrangements for your firm comes naturally to Mayur Gadhia, Principal, CPA, CPA of Cloud Act . Mayur assists companies with their capital-raising activities, divestitures, acquisitions, mergers, financial due diligence, system conversion, cross-border transactions, and financial reporting obligations, including IFRS, ASPE, US GAAP and SEC reporting in Canada, US and Mexico. But wait there is more... The Cloud Act Blog is rich with resources for all of us in the legal industry: Mayur spoke with Clio on alternative billing arrangement for your firm. The objective of the seminar was to share how different forms of billing arrangements result in satisfied clients and healthy law firm cash flow. Enjoy the recording here:

How to properly value your legal services, and uncover what alternative billing arrangements will help you better meet the needs of your clients! Mayur Gadhia, CPA, CA



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