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The Top 3 Quickbook Challenges for Law Firms

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Adapted from the article by Cosmolex: EIGHT TRUST ACCOUNTING CHALLENGES FOR CANADIAN LAWYERS USING QUICKBOOKSTM ONLINE, In their podcast, Mayur Gahdia, Founder of and Erica Birstler, Director of Strategic Communications, Cosmolex explore the top 3 quickbook challenges for law firms "In any industry proper bookkeeping is essential, but accounting for Canadian lawyers goes beyond best practices – it’s necessary to ensure compliance. Lawyers can run into challenges when using accounting solutions like QuickBooksTM Online, but there is a solution to ensure all requirements, rules, and regulations are being met."..."As a starter system, QuickBooks is a logical and economical choice. It provides the basic functionality that companies need to get going, supports a chart of accounts and manages both accounts payable and receivable. But QuickBooks could also be holding businesses back from achieving their full potential. "

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